Add a Labyrinth Guidelines

We welcome you to add your labyrinth to our growing database.

Before starting, please check to make sure your labyrinth is not currently listed. If you haven’t already searched the site, it’s probably easiest to search by just a city, state, ZIP code (in the USA) or country.

If your labyrinth does appear in the search results, check over the listing; if you require any corrections or additions to the listing, please contact us with the details and we will update your old listing for you. Be sure to tell us which labyrinth and where it is located (title and town/city please), so that we know which one you are referring to!

If your labyrinth is not currently listed, please read the guidelines below:


  • Our submission form will allow you to enter a variety of details. Be sure to enter the name and/or location of the labyrinth, but most other information is optional, so don’t worry if there are items you don’t understand or for which you have no information — just leave these fields blank. Do not enter “n/a” because if you do it will appear in your listing.
  • In the “Contact Information for this Labyrinth” form area, we require some way to contact either you or the labyrinth owner/caretaker in case we need to verify any details. You need to enter information in at least one of the fields. A phone number, e-mail address, or website for the labyrinth owner/caretaker is preferred. If you are unable to supply one of those, we request that you provide some way to contact you (phone number or e-mail address) in the “Personal Contact Information” area at the bottom of this form. This personal information will remain private and it will not appear in the labyrinth listing. If the labyrinth you are preparing to enter is on private property, please ensure that you have the owner’s/caretaker’s permission to enter it in this database. Also, if the data you are entering changes, i.e., times of availability, contact numbers, etc., please remember to make those corrections to this database.
  • Where is your labyrinth located? Many people are interested in finding labyrinths in specific locations and can search this website by location category. Please select which category or categories – you may select more than one – best describes the situation of your labyrinth.
  • If you don’t know the GPS coordinates of your labyrinth, no problem, we will determine those details when your listing is turned live in the database to ensure it displays correctly on our mapping links. We typically don’t provide or require GPS details for portable or private labyrinths with no specific address provided.
  • Be sure to add a photograph of your labyrinth if possible. Images must be in .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif format and will be  automatically resized for display in the database. If your photo is in another format, or you encounter difficulty uploading it, please contact us for assistance.